We Need Payment Upfront for Faster Delivery!

No cash on delivery available. To get your order rolling as fast as possible, we need confirmed payment before dispatch. The sooner you pay, the sooner we can get your goodies on the way!

Here’s How to Pay:

We offer two secure payment options:

  1. Cardless Cash: (Available for Westpac, St. George, Bank SA, Bank of Melbourne, and Commonwealth Bank)

    • After placing your order, simply generate a cardless cash code and PIN.
    • Upload a screenshot of this code for confirmation.
    • Don’t know how to generate a code? No worries! Our live chat admins are here to help. Just click the chat button on our website.
  2. Cryptocurrency: (We accept all types!)

    • If you already have crypto, send it to our wallet address (available upon request).
    • Need to buy some crypto first? No problem! Here are a few options:
    • Coinspot (Australia’s largest and safest platform): https://www.coinspot.com.au/
    • How to BUY Cryptocurrency on Coinspot : https://youtu.be/5lMeEq07V5I?si=PnKSJSJm4WXHG59H
    • How to SEND Cryptocurrency on Coinspot : https://youtu.be/7tlpTnkMQYo?si=bvgxhCvbwLRzhJlt
    • Binance or Coinbase (or any platform you prefer) are also great choices.
    • Still stuck? Our live chat admins are happy to guide you through the process. Just click the chat button on our website.
    • We will send you the wallet address once you place your order

Let’s Get You Delivered Fast!

Choose your payment method and get ready for a speedy delivery. Remember, the quicker you pay, the quicker we can ship!