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Firstly, buy pre-rolled joints in Dublin. A strain called Grand Blueberry Pie has an aromatic scent similar to that of a blueberry candle. The indica dominance of this strain is derived from its indica-dominant Grand Daddy Purple x Grape Flame (a Grand Daddy Blueberry x F1 DURB hybrid that brings forth even more fruity flavors).

The Northern California-based, one-woman breeding company Green Fire Genetics created this variety. Read on to find out more about this purple-packed monster and the mating that gave it its power.

Alaina Austin of NorCal runs Green Fire Genetics. She places a premium on organic farming practices, such as employing compost teas and loamy soils to maintain a natural and controlled population of microbes in the soil.

Among Green Fire’s well-known strains are the OG, Rainbow Pie, and Dozizoz. Using identical procedures, they created Grand Blueberry Pie.

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It’s a 65-70-day grower with huge calyxes speckled with brilliant purple-blue. Grand Blueberry Pie can only be obtained directly from the breeder, as feminized seeds of the strain were never made accessible.

From euphoric chattiness to a satiety-inducing state of relaxation, the Grand Blueberry Pie strain has it all. This strain has a very tranquil aftereffect; thus, it’s best suited for social situations where you want to relax with friends while still being active.

Thick layers of sticky trichomes cover its buds, which are initially light green and purple. New users should likely exercise caution due to the expansive and ravenous high that develops as a result.

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Like a fruit-scented candle, the flavor develops from a harsh grape overtone into an earthy blueberry flavor, which is purple in color. After a sour licorice aftertaste, the flavor develops into sweet cream and grape notes.

As the tension takes hold of you, it will induce drowsiness and, paradoxically, severe appetite pangs. If you’re going to be utilizing Grand Blueberry Pie, we recommend always having snacks on hand. Buy pre-rolled joints in Dublin, Order pre-rolled blunts Cork, Pre-rolled weed for sale Galway. Buy THC gummies in Ireland, Pure THC oil in Limerick

If you want to avoid Grand Blueberry Pie’s wrath, it’s best to surround yourself with supportive companions and be prepared to take sedation when it arrives.

Although the THC percentage is not prominently featured, the strain’s stated effects provide ample evidence that it packs a punch and leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

Give Grand Blueberry Pie a go if you’re a fan of fruity indicas or if you’re familiar with Green Fire Genetics’s work and are interested in trying one of their more recent releases.


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