Parcel Insurance:

  • We require Parcel Insurance Coverage for all shipments. Returning customers: Skip the fee by emailing a copy of your THC Parcel Insurance Coverage (PIC) document from your first order. Don’t have it? We’ll provide one for you.
  • Insurance costs a flat $300, fully refundable upon delivery.
  • Benefits:
    • Lost or damaged package: Get reimbursed for the declared value of your items (from the vendor) plus the insurance cost.
    • Safe delivery: Receive a full refund for the insurance cost only.
    • Law enforcement seizure: The PIC document protects your interests.
  • After your $300 payment, we’ll issue your PIC document. Provide a copy to the delivery person for your refund. Choose your refund method (cash or bank transfer) at delivery.


We strive for accurate information on our website, but mistakes can happen. If a product differs from its description, you can return it for a full refund. Order errors (confirmation, processing, delivery) may be corrected and your order adjusted accordingly. Refunds are also available for unprocessed orders.


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